Little Birdie Documentation

Term syntax


Term Description Examples

matches the word tarsnap in both name and text

bob: I have a problem with tarsnap

joe: Tarsnap is my go to tool

bob: I use tarsnap quite a lot

bob: but Tarsnapping is just too hard

bob: Maybe because my avatars nap a lot


matches all messages made by cperciva

cperciva: I made tarsnap

bob: I use tarsnap

tarsnap -source:hn,lobsters

matches messages with tarsnap except from reddit and hn

bob: I use tarsnap

cperciva: I made tarsnap

tarsnap source:hn

matches messages with tarsnap only on hacker news

cpervia: I use tarsnap

bob: I made tarsnap

problem with tarsnap

matches when all tarsnap, with and problem are in name or comment, irrelevant of location

bob: The problem with tarsnap is the cost

joe: With tarsnap, the problem is the website

tarsnap: The problem is with both of you

bob: tarsnap are you going to be a problem?


matches tarsnap anywhere

bob: Tarsnapping is just too hard

bob: pretty sure because my avatars nap a lot


matches anything with tar followed by snap

bob: tara, do you snap?

tara: I will snap your leg and put it in tar


matches where a word ends with tarsnap

bob: Starsnap is an app to take photos of stars

bob: Tarsnap has nothing to do with it

joe: Tarsnappers are cool


matches where a word starts with tarsnap

bob: Tarsnapping is a verb

bob: I like Tarsnap

bob: Starsnap is an app to take photos of stars

"magic table"

matches only the full magic table term

joe: I found a magic table

joe: It is a table of magic

"table location"*

matches the quoted terms with any prefix

bob: So where is the table location now?

joe: Table locations are classified

joe: Stable locations are classified too


Ignore messages that matches the word wizard

joe: my robe and hat tell me to

joe: he is a wizard

wizard: no, i am


matches all messages not made by mark

joe: mark, what is your name?

mark: ...


matches when mark is found in the text

bob: mark, what did you do today?

mark: I made my bed

text:mark text:down

matches when mark and down is found in the text

joe: I will mark it down

mark: Why down?